The importance of a professional license in the US

Many jobs in the US require employees to hold a bachelor’s degree. Some require even more coursework at US graduate schools. But neither graduation nor a specific college degree automatically qualifies you to work in certain professions in the US. For some jobs, you need US licensure.

Getting a License in the US

In the US, licensure is intended to ensure the public that a person is competent to practice in that profession.

Generally, professionals become licensed through training or by passing an exam. In many fields, the person seeking US licensure must obtain an advanced degree before becoming eligible for the license. Such is the case for nurses who much first graduate from nursing school before they are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN licensing exam.

People holding foreign degrees will need to pass all the requirements for getting a license in the US. For example, licensure may require the translation of academic records and other documents if they are not already in English.

Professions That Need US Licensure

The following professions require a professional US license before you are legally allowed to practice it in the US:

These are not the only professions that require US licensure. However, they are well-known and sought-after professions.

Each licensed profession has an organization that monitors and represents the interests of the profession. While it is not mandatory for licensed professionals to join the national organizations, most will need to join the state organizations where they wish to practice.

It is important for foreign professionals to contact US licensure organizations to determine what they will need to do to become licensed in the US. Licensure can make all the difference when you are looking for a job in the US.