Where in the world is the closest ACT or SAT test location?

More that a million American students take standardized tests every year, and there is a convenient ACT or SAT test location for almost all of them.

But if you’re outside the US or Canada, finding and getting to your test location may be almost as challenging as preparing for the SAT or ACT! Here are some tips to make getting to your test location as worry-free as possible.

Is There an ACT or SAT Test Location in Your Country?

The ACT and the SAT have test locations in dozens of countries worldwide, from Bermuda to Antarctica and all points in between.

More countries administer the SAT than the ACT, but you should be able to take either test no matter where you are. It may take a little extra effort, but both the College Board (which administers the SAT) and ACT Inc. will work with you to make sure that you can be tested.

Most countries have more than one SAT testing location, so it should be fairly easy to get there. If you’ll be taking the ACT exam, find out where the testing sites are and on which dates the exams are administered. Not all foreign countries administer the test on every date.

If you want to take the version of the ACT with the optional writing section, it’s important to make sure the site nearest you is giving it. It’s offered only twice a year.

What if There Isn’t an ACT or SAT Test Location Near You?

If you live in a country that doesn’t have an ACT or SAT test location, or you live far away from a testing site (50 miles for the ACT, 75 miles for the SAT), don’t give up hope! Both tests will let you apply to take the exam somewhere other than an official ACT or SAT test location.

Make the request in writing several weeks in advance, with an explanation of why you can’t get to a regular ACT or SAT test location. You have to take the ACT plus writing or the SAT on the actual test dates, but if you take the ACT without writing, you can take it almost any day between September and June.

If you want to take the SAT or ACT, don’t let location be a hindrance. As long as you’re willing to play by the rules, your road to the SAT or ACT will feel shorter, no matter how long it is.