Joining college sports teams, clubs and student groups.

College is the ideal time of life to explore new interests, because it’s also an ideal place to find other students who share your hobbies. So what if no one at home understood your passion for juggling? In college there might be a whole student club devoted to it.

Joining student life activities will help you make friends with other students when your college textbooks are shut.

Student Sports

Many universities offer traditional sports such as football, basketball and volleyball.
If you don’t have the time or talent to dedicate yourself to a varsity team, check if there are intramural teams you can join for fun. Intramurals provide an informal venue for students to compete against other students from the same school. And remember: Student life includes cheering on your school’s teams, not just participating in them!
Dig a little deeper to find even more options for sports, such as Frisbee golf or dodgeball. Don’t rule out any sport. Even if your university is nowhere near the mountains, a ski club might make regular trips to the slopes.

US College Career-Based Clubs

Universities often have their own chapters of professional organizations or career clubs. These groups can be a great way to become involved in student life, meet classmates with similar career goals, network with people already working in the field and find a job after graduation.
Also check if the college offers extracurricular activities that will help you develop the skills that will improve your resume after college. If you like to write, head toward the school newspaper, yearbook or literary magazine. If you want to be a politician, look into student government.

International Groups for Students

Clubs centered on a specific language or country can cater both to international students and to others who simply want to learn more about a different society and life in other countries. These international student clubs can also point members to local opportunities to experience the culture, such as speakers, festivals and authentic restaurants.
International clubs provide people with whom to practice speaking a different language while foreign classmates and faculty share their traditions. These clubs can also give you the chance to try different foods or watch foreign movies.

Student Life: A Club for Every Interest

It would be impossible to list all the clubs and organizations a college might offer. They can range from volunteer groups to acting troupes, academic honoraries to fraternities and sororities. Others might focus on music, religion or philosophy.
Check if the university has a department focusing on student life or student activities. It should be able to provide you with a list of groups on campus or put you in contact with leaders of the clubs that interest you. In addition, the office of international student services at your school should have a list of clubs specifically for international students.

Even if you can’t find a club that revolves around unicycles or a group specifically for future veterinarians, don’t despair. Start your own student club when you get to campus! Chances are another student there shares your interest.
It’s worth your time. College organizations and becoming involved in student life can help you make new friends, learn new skills and make campus feel like home.