Deciding where to study in America is a big decision, and one only you can make. Future students must look at more than just academics when they choose where to study in America. They should compare other features of the university, such as housing, meals, and the types of students who attend that college. Financial aid and scholarships can also play a role in where you decide to study. Be sure to look at all aspects of life on campus before you study in America.

What to consider

When you’re deciding where to study among several colleges and universities in America, consider the institutions’ health care, meal plan and student housing, as well as your finances.

How to make your final decision

Nothing can replace an in-person campus visit, but thanks to the internet, you can see the university campuses that interest you most no matter how far away you live. Find out exactly what questions to ask when you visit a campus in person or online and what to look for in your future classmates.