Collegiate sports teams affect more than just athletic superstars … they affect the entire campus.

If you actively play sports and want to continue to participate in sports at college, there’s no doubt that a school’s sports offerings are significant to you.

However, if you haven’t touched a basketball or tennis racket for years, you may have not even considered the significance of sports at college — which is a huge mistake!

In fact, sports at college can be for everyone – jocks and benchwarmers alike.

Playing Sports at College

If you want to play sports at college, it’s important to determine what level of competition you want to participate in.

Most schools offer intramural sports leagues, where students form teams and play against their classmates just for fun. Intramural sports are a relaxed, non-competitive way to stay fit and have fun with friends. Available sports can range from broom ball to touch football, and vary from one school to the next.

For students who wish to play sports at college on a more competitive level, intercollegiate sports (where different college teams play against one another for titles and championships) are a better option. Unlike intramural sports teams, intercollegiate sports teams represent the college as a whole, have mandatory practices, and participate in games against other colleges.

Find Out What Sports Are Offered

Whether you’re looking for the low-key intramural sports or competitive intercollegiate sports, you should find out what sports the colleges you are interested in offer.

Some college offer a greater variety of intramurals than others. Some schools have extremely high-profile intercollegiate teams that feed players into the professional teams. Others have more relaxed lower-level intercollegiate teams.

Watching Sports at College

When considering the significance of sports at college, don’t brush the topic off simply because you don’t play sports yourself!

Sports at college can impact the social setting on campus, so the significance of sports at a college as a whole should be considered.

At some colleges with sports, the success of the basketball or football team can play a huge role in campus life. Attending games, supporting the team, and throwing huge parties after a team victory can be pivotal to social life on campus. At other colleges, students couldn’t care less about the success of the football team.

Consider Sports at College… Whether or Not You Play

Whether college sports are personally significant to you or not, remember that they can certainly impact the social setting of a campus.

So whether you’re an athletic superstar or simply don’t care about sports at all, be sure to find out how significant sports are at the colleges where you want to apply.