Ask these questions during your college visit and campus tour.

Your guide on a campus visit is one of your best sources to answer questions about college.

The guides are often college students, so they have first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to live and study on campus.

But don’t depend solely on the guide to answer your questions. Ask professors, the admissions office and other college students, too.

Here are a few college visit questions you can ask during your campus tour:

Questions About Campus Housing

  • Can students choose which college dorm they live in?
  • What amenities (air conditioning, refrigerator, bathroom, etc.) do the rooms have?
  • How many roommates are assigned to a dorm room?
  • How are roommates chosen?
  • Do all students live on-campus? Do only freshmen?
  • What types of security measures are in place at the dorms?

Questions About Classes

Questions About Getting Around

  • Does the college have a campus shuttle service?
  • Can students bring a car to campus?
  • If there is no transportation, are there stores for supplies and groceries within walking distance?

Questions About Activities

Other Questions

  • How do you like the cafeteria food? How many cafeterias does the college have? Do they all offer the same food?
  • Are on-campus jobs available?
  • Do you feel safe on-campus? Off-campus?
  • Is the community welcoming of students?
  • What do you like best about this college? Worst?