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Meet your college match with the guidebook that simplifies your search for the perfect school. Find out what schools are out there – and which are right for you!

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What’s Available? Types of Colleges You Can Attend

Find the college type that meets your academic, social and budgetary expectations.

You know what you want from the college you attend. Now you just need to know exactly what types of colleges can meet those needs!

And you will find a college to meet your needs. In fact, you’ll probably find several. That’s good! Many people suggest that the number of schools you should apply to be nine or more … and you should be happy attending each and every one of those.

But before you apply, figure out where you fall in the academic, social and financial spectrum.

In the US and Abroad

Higher education in the United States is one option, but it’s not your only option.

You have 2,000 colleges and universities to choose from in the US. Your options are even greater if you expand your search to other countries.

Types of Colleges That Meet Your Academic Needs

Colleges and universities in America fall under several categories.

If you have never earned a college degree, you will want to attend an undergraduate college or university. You can earn an associate’s degree at a community college, or a bachelor’s degree at a four-year school.

If you have been awarded a bachelor’s degree and want to continue your education, your next step is a graduate school or a professional school. You will earn a master’s degree, doctorate degree and/or the appropriate credentials required in some fields (such as law and medicine).

A Wide Range of College Social Settings

No matter how social you are — or how social you want to become — there is a college that provides the experience you are looking for.

On the one hand, college towns are seemingly designed to maximize a student’s social experience. On the other hand, online degree programs leave students mostly on their own.

Other items vary from college to college and can drastically affect your type of social life. These include:

Colleges for Every Budget

College tuition ranges from a few thousand dollars per year to $30,000 per year– or more.

A budget shouldn’t prevent a US college education, but it will help determine the types of colleges you can afford. Should you consider private schools or public schools located in the state where you live? Or, for an even more affordable education, is a community college right for you?

Even if a college or university seems out of your price range, keep your spirits up! You may be eligible for several types of financial aid (including scholarships) that can put an expensive college within financial reach.

What’s Next?

You know what you want from your college, and you know what types of colleges are available.

So which colleges fit your profile? Now it’s time to compare US schools!