Methods of transportation vary widely from college to college.

Knowing the transportation options at your college will allow you to cross campus more efficiently and maybe even explore the new city, county or state that is now your home.

Maybe you can drive. Maybe you can take the bus. Maybe all you can do is walk.

No matter! Just be sure to try all forms of transportation offered by your school in order to see everything your college community has to offer.

By Car

A car is not only useful at many colleges, but it may be imperative if you want to venture very far off campus. At colleges in some rural areas, a vehicle may be the best way to get groceries or go to a movie.

It is extremely important to contact the college you will be attending before bringing a car to campus. You may need a special permit, and some colleges even prohibit freshmen from have cars on campus.

By Public Transportation

If you attend college in a large city like New York or Chicago, public transit may be your primary means of transportation. Luckily, the subway, bus or elevated train often is an affordable way to explore your new home.

Before you go on your first adventure, find out when or if the transit system shuts down at night. Who wants to be stuck at the end of the line at 3 a.m. with no way home?

Keep a transit map with you so you’ll always know where you’re going and the location of the nearest stop. And remember: Sometimes getting lost is part of the fun!

Public transportation is usually very safe, but watch your belongs and be aware of your surrounding, particularly at night.

By College Transportation Services

Large college campuses often offer their own, free transportation services for enrolled students. A campus bus may be the quickest way to get from your dorm to your class or part-time job across campus.

Many colleges also offer late-night services for students who would otherwise have to cross campus alone. Remember that this is offered to keep students safe and not simply as a convenience for students with sore feet!

By Bicycle

A bicycle is the easiest, most economical way for many students to explore campus. A bike also comes in handy when you hit your snooze button one too many times and have about five minutes to get to your class across campus in time!

Remember to buy a sturdy lock for your bicycle, and check if your college or dorm has bicycle storage in the winter.

Above all, learn the rules of the road before you take your bike for a spin, and always be aware of traffic and pedestrians on the sidewalk and road.

By Your Own Two Feet

When all else fails, you can always fall back on the oldest and most reliable form of transportation: walking.

Many colleges are surrounded by stores that cater to students, and your school may even offer museums, greenery and restaurants right on campus. A lack of wheels shouldn’t prevent you from exploring what your college has to offer.

Take advantage of your new surroundings! Find what transportation options are available at your college … and use them all!