Follow these 5 tips to save money on your college textbooks.

Purchasing college textbooks will be one of your biggest college expenses outside of tuition. You can easily spend thousands of dollars on textbooks after just a few years in school.

Luckily, you can save a few hundred bucks when you follow these 4 tips before buying your college textbooks:

1. Buy used college textbooks.

Many college bookstores sell used textbooks for college courses. They aren’t shiny and new, but they do the job just as well. In addition to the lower price tag, some students prefer used textbooks for another reason. Used textbooks often have key passages underlined and highlighted, as well as notes from the previous owner.

2. Check online.

Websites and forums often sell both new and used college textbooks at cheaper prices than your campus bookstore. Compare prices when you choose your courses and see where you can get the best deal.

3. Rent your textbooks.

A relatively new way to save on college textbooks is to rent them. Many colleges will allow students to do this right through their student bookstores. However, if your student store doesn’t have a renting option, there are also plenty of outside companies that do. This textbook rental guide provides a great look at some of the best options out there for renting college textbooks.

4. Sell your textbooks.

Remember to sell your college textbooks at the end of each term. Your college bookstore will reimburse you a fraction of the price if the textbook will be used during the next term. You may be able to ask a higher price by selling your textbooks online to students at other colleges and universities.

5. Visit the library.

Borrowing college textbooks from the library is less convenient than buying them, but it is still a good option for students who are especially low on cash. If your school library doesn’t have the textbook you need, check with the city or county library. Unfortunately, you cannot take notes in a library book, and you may be able to keep the book for only a few weeks instead of the whole term. For these reasons, the easiest books to check out for college classes are usually novels.

College textbooks are a large part of almost every class when you study in the US. No matter how you decide to get them, make sure you have your textbook at each class and follow the assigned readings closely.