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Social Life in College

Colleges with vibrant social scenes offer plenty of opportunities to let loose and get out of the library.

If a college social life is what you’re looking for, you can find many opportunities to party at a school that’s right for you.

The social life of a college is the result of many factors. Clubs and activities connect students with similar interests, while the nightlife off campus is a great way to make new friends.

Check out the activities around your college to find a vibe that’s right for you. If you want to be a reporter, check out the quality of the student newspaper. If you prefer laid-back gatherings to dance parties, try an overnight visit to assess the college’s social life.

Do you want a rocking social scene after a hard night of studying? Or do you want to go out without worrying about tuition bills? Either way, you can find a social scene that matches your college needs.

If You Want a Social Life After Hitting the Books:

If you’re looking for a vibrant college social life, but you also want to get serious about your academic work, take a look at the location of the college campuses you are considering.

Many academically distinguished colleges offer a wide variety of activities and nightlife right outside your door, especially when they’re located in or near a major city. Going to college in a thriving metropolis means there’s always something going on, whether on campus or off.

Schools like New York University and Columbia in New York City, Tufts and Boston University in Boston, Tulane University in New Orleans and the University of Texas in Austin are all examples of schools that offer an unlimited amount of daily (and nightly!) activities thanks to their big-city locations. These colleges provide a slew of on-campus clubs and activities as well, and are known worldwide for their academics.

Another good option for students looking for a strong college social life as well as academic intensity is to think about studying in a college town. College towns are typically smaller than big cities like New York or Austin, but have lively social scenes catering especially to college students.

Going to school in a college town provides an array of off-campus destinations and meeting places for students. But a university’s location in a college town also can develop the quality of its social life on campus!

Colleges with close relations to the surrounding town often exchange resources so that students can expand their activities to the town.

At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for example, the student dramatic and musical organizations may use the city’s Historic Playmakers Theatre, a National Historic Landmark and the home of the Carolina Playmakers, a professional theater group. Other academically prominent universities in college towns include University of California at Berkeley and University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

Although you might be studying on campus, many academically recognized colleges will give you opportunities to get away from the desk and onto the dance floor.

If You Want a Social Life While Saving Money:

A lively college social life can be found at any financial level. If you’re looking for a college social scene that also won’t break the bank, there are many options for you that are both exciting and affordable.

Public universities can offer a seemingly infinite amount of activities and nightlife for a smaller price tag. Many state schools, due to their large student enrollment, present a wider variety of extracurricular options and sports due to a larger pool of students and their wide-ranging interests.

If you’re looking for a fraternity or sorority scene for your college social life, public universities generally have more options than private schools due to the large student body. Joining a fraternity or sorority, also called “going Greek” because of the Greek letters that make up the groups’ names, can help make a large university more intimate – and provides plenty of chances to party.

Public schools can be much cheaper for residents of the state, and out-of-state or international students can often feel left out of these deals. But some public schools offer tuition even for out-of-state applicants that is much lower than many other competitive universities.

From the sunny beaches of San Diego State University in California to the snowy urban bustle of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, you can find the rollicking social life and location that’s right for you at half the price of other universities. Both schools’ tuition is in the $14,000-17,000 range for out-of-state applicants, and they both offer need-based and merit-based aid to international applicants that can reduce the cost even further.

If you’re a true party animal and plan on going out often, you might also want to check out the party school scene. These colleges have a national reputation for their social life, and – although many are more expensive for out-of-state applicants – a few remain good deals even for international students.

Both the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and Arizona State University boast an impressive college social life and offer substantial merit-based aid to international students, so you can party on without breaking your budget!

Your College Social Life Creates Lasting Memories

College is much more than a place to take classes – it will be your home for the next few years! Extracurricular activities and time spent hanging out with friends can often be the highlights of your college experience. Checking out a college’s social life will ensure that your time in college is more than all work and no play.