High school college prep classes impress college admissions officers.

Whether you tailor your classes to suit your future major or take challenging honors classes, all high school students can choose the right college prep classes for them.

Choose Classes Based on Your Interests

One way of choosing college prep classes that will help you get ready for college applications is to focus your curriculum on the area that you are interested in pursuing. If you think you want to declare a college major in, say, history take as many high school classes in this field as possible. Interested in pursuing a math or science degree in college? Focus on excelling in these subjects in high school. Want to go to art school after high school? Take all the art classes you can. You get the idea. Whatever your interests are, pursue them. Approaching college prep classes in this manner is not only fun, but also it shows schools that you are a dedicated student who cares about a particular subject.

Choose Challenging Classes

Choosing challenging college prep classes is a fantastic way to prepare yourself for the rigors of higher education. It also shows college admissions officers that you have the dedication and drive to succeed at the college level. Find out what sort of classes your high school offers.Advanced, honors, AP, and IB-track classes are all great. In addition, AP and IB college prep classes sometimes earn you academic credit and exempt you from tedious introductory-level classes in your freshman year of college. Not every high school offers AP or IB classes. If this is the case, there may be community colleges or even colleges or universities within the vicinity where you can take these advanced-level classes. Talk to your school guidance counselor if you are interested.

Get Good Grades!

No matter what type of college prep classes you are taking in high school, your focus should be on getting good grades. There’s no point in piling on loads of AP-level college prep classes if you’re not planning to study. The point of college prep classes is to challenge yourself while showing college admissions committees in your college application that you have the focus, drive, and dedication that make up all good students.