5 tips to make the most out of your college job fair.

A college job fair is your chance to meet and greet dozens of companies– and maybe even interview for a few jobs— all in the span of a couple of hours.

At few other events will you see dozens of booths lined up, each representing a different employer eager to hire students.

Watch for advertisements for the next college job fair, or ask the international student office or career services center at your college if they know when the next job fair is scheduled. They may even know of job fairs at nearby colleges or universities that you can attend.

Then, prepare yourself:

1. Know the Latest Immigration Rules.

International student services at your college can keep international students up-to-date about new regulations regarding working in the US. Advisers there may even be able to tell you which employers at your college job fair will sponsor international students.

2. Schedule a Practice Interview.

If your college has a career services office, they may schedule practice (or “mock”) interviews with students.
A mock employer will help you prepare for the job fair by asking you common interview questions. This will help you develop strong answers to questions you could hear at the college job fair.
If the career services office doesn’t hold practice interviews, ask a friend to pretend to interview you for a job. It really does help you prepare for your real job interviews!

3. Make Copies of Your Resume.

Be sure to have a professional one-page resume created in the right style and format.

Bring more copies of your US style resume to your college job fair than you think you will need. It is better to have too many than not enough! You want to have plenty to give to all the businesses that interest you, and one business may request several paper copies of your resume.

4. Speak Confidently to Businesses that Interest You.

Put all your new skills from your practice interview to good use!
Speaking about your abilities and academic background not only will show employers at the job fair why they should hire you, but also it will demonstrate your English fluency (if English isn’t your native language).
Remember to ask potential employers questions of your own.

5. Collect Business Cards.

Remain upbeat and leave a good impression, even if a company you are interested in at the job fair doesn’t have an open position in your field. This way of networking for jobs can help you find one later on!

Give a copy of your resume to the person at the booth and request a business card. When you are looking for a job after graduation, you can call or email this person and check if any positions are available.

A college job fair is a great way to get started on a rewarding career!