Take charge of your academics by enrolling in courses that you enjoy … and help you earn a degree.

High school is generally much more regimented than college.

You have a wider variety of courses to choose from in college, and you are in charge of your own path of study. This can be daunting for some new students, but it really shouldn’t be!

So how can you achieve success in your college courses?

Be Smart About Choosing Courses

Choosing college courses wisely is essential to academic success in college.

First, there are certain mandatory introductory courses that first-year students are required to complete. It’s important to make sure you take all of these required courses because you will need them to receive your degree.

The second thing to consider when choosing college courses is which classes you will need in order to complete your chosen major concentration of study. Once you have chosen a major, there will be certain classes you’ll be required to take and other electives that you can complete to finish your major. Other aspects to consider when choosing college courses include class size, class times, prerequisites, and difficulty.

Structure Your Time

One of the most important study tips for new college students is simply: structure your time.

In high school, you are told when to go to class, what to do, and how to do it. In college, many students have trouble finding the motivation to go class, or balancing the workload of multiple college courses.

Making a reasonable schedule for yourself that includes blocks of time for class, homework, reading, writing papers, and fun, can be a big help. Other helpful study tips include making study groups and learning how to speed read!

International Students: Get Help if You Need It

International students may find it especially challenging to adjust to American college courses. Not only is college new to them, but also they may not be studying in their native language. Study tips for international students include keeping a dictionary nearby and expanding your vocabulary.

Many colleges and universities offer international students special help with school work, such as essay proofreading services. Inquire with your school’s international student program as to what sort of international student help is available.

Enjoy the Freedom of College Courses

It can be daunting for new students to take charge of their education in college. From choosing the right college courses to picking a major, there are a lot of decisions that new college students must make which they never faced in high school!

It can be scary, but the freedom and flexibility of college courses is all part of the fun. Pursuing your interests and studying the college courses you like is one of the biggest benefits of a college or university, so enjoy it!