College admission requirements are extensive– here’s what you need to know.

From taking the necessary standardized tests to making sure that your school transcripts are sent out, this check list covers the most important college admission requirements that you’ll need to remember as you apply.

Standardized Tests

You will most likely have to take at least one standardized test to meet college admission requirements – either the SAT or the ACT test. Deciding on SAT vs ACT testing is one of the first steps for applicants must take.

The SAT subject tests (sometimes called SAT II tests) are other tests that may be part of your college admission requirements. Unlike the SAT, SAT II subject tests focus on a specific topic, like World History or a language, and allow students to show their expertise in a certain area.

School Transcripts

One important aspect of college admissions requirements is school transcripts. Your high school should be able to send official copies of your transcript in a sealed envelope to the colleges where you are applying.

Your job is to provide your high school with that list of schools. Find out if the college has a deadline to receive this information, and make sure you get it done on time!

If you are an international student, you may need a certified transcript translation — make sure to allow extra time for this step!

Additional College Admission Requirements

Additional college admission requirements may include personal statements and college admissions essays. These are important aspects of the application, so be sure to take your time and put in the proper effort to craft a meaningful essay.

For arts programs, college admission requirements may also include a personal portfolio. Art or photography programs, for example, may require a portfolio with samples of your work. Music programs may require auditions. Double check to find out what college admission requirements the program you are applying to has.

Just for International Students

There are additional college admissions requirements for international students that need to be taken into consideration. For example, international students will most likely be required to take the TOEFL or some other standardized English language test to fulfill college admission requirements.

Also, international students should remember that in order to meet certain college admission requirements, they may need to have documents like transcripts translated into English. Academic document translation often is essential. If the admissions office can’t read your documents, they can’t evaluate your application!

Don’t Forget Deadlines!

When completing your applications, make sure you leave plenty of time to take care of all the necessary college admission requirements. It’s imperative to meet all US college application deadlines.

Completing US college and university applications can be tedious, but it’s a task well-worth completing, and completing well.

Your college application should be well thought-out and on time. College admission requirements can seem daunting, but if you leave yourself plenty of time and plan appropriately, you’ll be just fine!