Chinese SAT Subject Test

The Chinese SAT Subject Test assesses reading & listening comprehension.

The Chinese SAT subject test assesses your comprehension of written and spoken Chinese. Unlike some other SAT language tests, the Chinese test is only available in a “with listening” format.
The test contains 85 multiple-choice questions. As with all other SAT subject tests, you are given one hour for completion.

What Will I be Expected to Know?

The Chinese SAT Subject Test measures your understanding of vocabulary in structure and context. The listening portion utilizes illustrations and recorded dialogue, so you should be comfortable following spoken Chinese. In particular, be familiar with Mandarin Chinese.
Some additional information to keep in mind: the exam is only administered once a year, in November. You must furnish your own CD player and headphones for the listening section.
It is recommended that you have at least two years of strong Chinese study before you register for the exam.

How the Test is Scored & How You Should Prepare

The Chinese SAT subject test receives a score between 200 and 800. In 2011, the average (mean) score was 758.
In addition to rigorous reading and speaking, you should implement an SAT preparation strategy.
There’s no doubt that disciplined study is the best way to — pardon the pun — orient yourself to Chinese.

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