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How to Get Accepted

Applying to American universities almost always requires an application and standardized test scores. But it’s not that simple! In order to be accepted into the American universities of your choice, you must understand exactly what that entails … and what you need to do.

College Prep: What to Do Before You Apply

A successful college application begins with activities in high school. Choose classes that prepare you for college and extracurricular activities that you enjoy.

How to Apply

Before you even pick up an application you will need to meet some basic admissions requirements, decide how many schools to apply to and learn when those applications must be sent.

College Admissions Testing

Almost every prospective college or university student is required to take the SAT or ACT (for undergraduates) or the GRE or GMAT (for graduates). International students who speak another language often must take an English proficiency test as well.

Applying to College

Follow this step-by-step guide for applying to American universities. Learn what an application looks like, what you should include, what to remember when you write your essay– and when you’ll know if you are accepted!

If You Want to Transfer

Whether you want to transfer from another US school or from a school abroad, careful planning can help ease the transition.

The Final Decision

You have your acceptance letters, but how do you decide which college or university to attend? Take another look at the campus, student housing and food and meal plans.