Make friends, navigate campus and connect to your US college community.

Excitement. Relief. Anticipation.

Many students adjusting to college feel all of these emotions on campus.

Panic. Fear. Homesickness. They probably feel those too.

That’s normal. You’re starting a new phase of life! But you will find yourself adjusting to college in no time with the help of friends, creativity and a little organization.

Adjusting to College

In your first few months of college, you will face many things which are unfamiliar. On-campus student housing instead of your own bedroom. A cafeteria or dining hall instead of home-cooked meals. College courses with hundreds of students instead of 20 or 25.

Be open to new experiences as you are adjusting to college. Give everything a chance. What you detested at first may grow on you with time. It will be different, but change isn’t always bad.

And if you have given yourself time and it is still bad, just remember— it is temporary. One day you will again have your own kitchen and can forgo the mystery meat!

Making Friends at Your US College

Meeting new people might be the quickest way to begin adjusting to college. Participate in student life activities, join student clubs and talk to people in class. Don’t be shy. Suggest a visit to the coffee shop or grabbing a bite to eat together. Many of your classmates will know just as few people as you do.

Seek out students who have similar interests, but don’t ignore people whose views are different than yours. College truly is a time to explore new ideas.

Staying Organized in College

In college, you will be left largely on your own. Mom won’t shake you out of bed in the morning. Dad won’t inspect your report card or make sure you are home by curfew.

Stay organized while in college, and adjusting to campus life will be easier. Set your alarm for morning classes, attend your classes and make time to study.

But remember: Don’t place too much stress on yourself. Put down your textbooks once in awhile, take in student life outside of class and meet new people.

One last word of advice: If homesickness is a problem, remember that your friends and family are just a phone call or email away.

Visit if you can. Better yet, invite them to your new home and show them how well you are adjusting to college!