Libraries, studios, labs: Which types of academic resources are important to you?

Knowing what types of academic resources you need and what a school has to offer is a big help when you are choosing the schools where you will apply. In addition to the type of college curriculum and the size of college classes, you should consider the diversity of a school’s academic resources to decide if the school is right for you.

Library Services

No matter what your area of study, you’re undoubtedly going to need access to a good library while you’re in school! Some students may find an excellent library to be one of the most essential academic resources possible. This is especially true of humanities students who will certainly be writing plenty of research papers.

Aside from the size of a school’s library, other aspects to consider include a school library’s access to scholarly journals, and the availability of newspapers and other periodicals.

Computer Labs and Internet Access

Although most students heading to college nowadays have their own computers, an on-campus computer lab can be an invaluable academic resource. If you need to work on a project in between classes and don’t have your laptop with you, or if you need to print an essay and ran out of paper, campus computer labs are extremely convenient. It’s also good to find out if a school offers wireless internet access everywhere on campus. This can be great if you want to bring your laptop to campus to work.

Foreign Language Labs

For students interested in studying foreign languages at school, or simply in taking a couple of classes, access to language labs is a big advantage. Language labs allow students to practice speaking and listening exercises independently, use language software to enhance their studies, and more.

Research Facilities

State-of-the-art research facilities can be one of the most essential academic resources a school has to offer, especially for students in the sciences. Access to academic research labs gives students hands-on experience that can greatly enhance a science education.

Fine Arts Resources

For students interested in studying fine arts or those who simply want the option of taking fine arts electives, a school’s fine arts resources are important to research. Does the school have an art studio? A photography lab? Are there music rooms where you can practice? Is there a school-sponsored art museum or concert hall?

Get What You Want

Whatever academic resources you decide you require, there is sure to be a school that offers what you need. Do your research and find out what a college or university has to offer in the way of science labs, photography studios, computer labs, or whatever academic resources you are looking for.