Colleges require a professional, certified academic translation.

US schools have their own specific requirements, but international student applicants at any American college can expect to provide an English translation of their academic documents.
This may include:

Specific Academic Document Translation Instructions

Follow each and every instruction the college provides for submitting academic documents and their translation. Failure to do so could slow down the college application process or even eliminate you from consideration.

For example, many US colleges and universities require a certified academic translation by a professional translation company. The school may also demand that the document translation and the original document be in the same format for ease of reading and comparison.

The US college may have specific requirements for the original documents, as well. You may need an original stamp or seal from the school you attended. Certain documents may also need to be on official letterhead.

Transfer Students: Different Document Requirements?

If you are an international student who has attended at least some college in the US or another country and you want to transfer to a US college, you may be required to produce different academic documents.

For example, you may be exempted from submitting an academic translation of your secondary school documents if you have attended a US college for several terms. But you almost certainly will have to submit a transcript from the college you have already attended.

Check with the college where you are applying.

US colleges often list the requirements for academic document translations on their website. Read these instructions carefully. Ask an admissions officer if you have any questions about what is required.

Choose a translation company carefully, preferably one that has extensive experience with academic translations. Professional translation agencies like University Language are accustomed to colleges’ unique requirements for academic translation.