Grand Prize Winner

Kristin Stolzenberg, senior at South River High School in Maryland.

University of Delaware

Photo of the University of Delaware

There I stood on that freezing November day in Newark, Delaware, lost and confused. I could barely find my tour guide through the hordes of students hustling about, much less find my own location on the campus map. I felt trapped within a maze of people and architecture; it was beautiful, but also extremely overwhelming.
After blindly following the tour guide for the majority of the tour, we were exiting a building, and I snapped this picture. It was at this very moment that I got a grip of my surroundings and stopped feeling lost — I knew exactly where I was on the University of Delaware campus.
I had a revelation that this is what college is for, not only to further your education, but to find yourself. I realized that all of the students in college must have felt lost too at first, yet began to find their way, both to their classes as well as finding themselves as people. College is a journey of self-discovery, and you can’t find yourself if you were never lost.

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