High School & College Study Abroad Programs

It’s probably more likely for a student to study abroad in college, but plenty of high school study abroad opportunities exist. The programs will differ on a variety of levels, but the reasons for studying abroad and the experiences will be virtually the same.

High school study abroad programs are out there and easily accessible. Students simply need to research this option and decide if a high school study abroad program is right for them.

High School Study Abroad

High school study abroad programs are a huge leap for many students. In addition to possibly being away from home for the first time, other factors to consider include the programs, the length and the housing.

A student can choose from many different high school study abroad programs. High school students might want to embark on a study abroad program that lasts a couple of weeks, the whole summer, a semester or an entire year. Clearly, a student’s experiences will differ from program to program.

Available high school study abroad programs offer a variety of possibilities from academics and language studies to outdoor adventures. Some programs, on the other hand, are devoted to sightseeing and daily excursions to cultural attractions.

The prices of high school study abroad programs vary as much as the programs themselves. Students can expect to pay anywhere from 800 USD for week-long adventures to 7,500 USD for a semester at a foreign high school. These prices exclude travel expenses, but include almost every other cost, such as housing.

If students are interested, the best thing to do is start the process early and contact their school’s guidance counseling office. High school study abroad programs allow students to become more independent while enhancing their educational scope. Usually, students who study abroad in high school will also want to study abroad in college.

Studying Abroad in College

College is probably the best time for students to study abroad. Studying abroad is practical for college students academically. It introduces them to a new learning environment while they earn credits toward their degree.

For most students, studying abroad in college is the least expensive and easiest way to visit a foreign country. The ability to travel independently when not in class makes the experience even more enjoyable and enlightening.

Almost every college and university offers students the opportunity to study abroad, and many of these institutions encourage it. The study abroad programs that students can choose vary depending on the course of study. Usually, summer, semester and full-year programs are offered.

The programs can cover a wide variety of course options. Students can take courses related to their field of study, core courses, general electives or language courses. Students often can transfer credit for coursework completed abroad.

An important benefit to studying abroad in college is the opportunity to start a global network. The skills and knowledge that students attain abroad can help them get ahead as they search for jobs. A reference to international experience will be a plus on resumes for jobs and internships in any field.

Students who are interested in studying abroad in college should start the process early, probably a year before the desired attendance date. It’s a long process, but one well worth the time and effort.


A high school study abroad program is a great way to experience another culture and become more independent in the process. College students will benefit from the diverse learning atmosphere and new life experiences, all while earning credit. All in all, students should seriously consider any opportunity to study abroad.