Living in the dorms can be a major part of your US college experience — you will be spending a lot of time studying, sleeping and socializing in your room.

A campus tour is the perfect time to get answers to all your burning questions before you choose a place to live for the next year or more!

Questions to Ask Yourself When You Visit College Dorms

  • Is there enough space for the things you plan to bring to college with you?
  • Is the parking lot close to the dorms, if you plan to bring or get a car?
  • How far are the dorms from your classes?
  • Will you feel comfortable living in co-ed dorms?
  • Have you heard anything from students about living in the dorms, including which dorm has the best (and worst) reputation?
  • Will you be sharing a bathroom with an entire floor or just a few students in the dorms?
  • Is there a full kitchen on every floor?
  • Is there space to study or hang out with friends outside of your room, such as an indoor common area?
  • What furniture does the dorm provide?
  • Is there a computer lab in each dormitory?
  • Are the beds arranged in loft or bunk-bed style, and if not, can they be rearranged to increase space?

What to Ask the Tour Guide About Living in the Dorms

  • Will you be given a choice of a single, double or triple room?
  • Do the room sizes vary depending on the dorm?
  • Where is the closest dining hall, and what are its hours?
  • Are any upperclassmen living in the college dorms, and if not, where do they tend to live?
  • Are the dorms co-ed or single-sex?
  • Are the dorms locked at night (or any time during the time), requiring a key or password to get in?
  • Are there security guards or cameras in the dorms? Have there been any break-ins?
  • How many times did the police or campus security visit the dorms last year?
  • How many students had to go to the hospital due to incidents when living in the dorms?
  • Are the dormitories closed for holiday breaks?
  • Is there a laundry room in the dorms? If so, how many per building?
  • Is there help available with cleaning and pest control, such as renting out vacuums, carpet cleaners or bug spray?
  • What is the policy on visitors? How many guests can be in your room, and how long can they stay?
  • Is there a list of prohibited items for students living in the dorms?
  • Are quiet hours enforced, and what are the penalties for breaking these and other rules?
  • What happens if a student does not get along with a roommate when living in the college dorms?
  • Can students paint the room or hang pictures on the walls?
  • How long do you have to move in, and can you ship any belongings to the dorms before move-in day?

Living in the dorms is a great way to stay close to your classes for at least the first year of college. It can also be a great way to socialize and meet friends. You should find out the basics about living in the college dorms before you even choose a school, and you can do so by asking the tour guide and seeing for yourself when you visit the college campus.

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