By: Autumn at University Language On: July 19, 2018 In: Blog, Jobs Comments: 0

Whether you’re looking for your first serious job after college or just a summer gig, you might be asked...

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By: Guest On: May 1, 2018 In: Internships, Jobs Comments: 0

In the search for job experience, many students choose to apply for internships that are connected to their major...

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By: Guest On: April 17, 2018 In: Internships, Jobs Comments: 0

When hiring, almost every employer lists in the candidate requirements section “great communication skills, good command of computer skills,...

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By: Amy at University Language On: February 3, 2016 In: Graduation, Jobs Comments: 0

Even though the economic climate has, in recent years, taken a turn for the better, finding a job after...

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By: Autumn at University Language On: December 31, 2012 In: Jobs Comments: 0

Networking on Facebook is one of the newest ways to get a job. From letting your friends know you're...

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By: Guest On: February 16, 2012 In: Jobs Comments: 0

Many people believe all English majors become teachers, but the reality is there are plenty of fulfilling careers available...

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By: Guest On: March 16, 2011 In: Jobs Comments: 0

Job fairs are great ways for students to network for jobs and get exposure in the professional world. But...

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