Staying at a college overnight is a great opportunity to live in the dorms, eat cafeteria food, and see...

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By: Guest On: September 4, 2018 In: Academics, On Campus, Starting College, Student Life Comments: 0

Lectures, seminars, exams, academic writing, campus life—all this takes time and can often feel like a delicate balancing act....

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By: Guest On: October 31, 2017 In: Academics, Testing Comments: 0

Will drinking coffee help you study better and ultimately lead to better grades? Here are some ways coffee can...

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By: Guest On: June 21, 2017 In: Academics, High School, Living in the US, Student Life Comments: 0

Between class, work, friends and studying -- not to mention extracurricular activities and athletic obligations -- it can sometimes...

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If you're planning to leave for college soon, you might be wondering what life after high school is like....

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By: Guest On: September 17, 2014 In: Campus Correspondents, Starting College Comments: 0

Starting college for the first time is always a lot easier when you've begun preparing beforehand. Here are some...

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When you leave for college you are filled with hopes, dreams, and expectations. Sometimes those expectations are met. However,...

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By: Amy at University Language On: November 21, 2012 In: Campus Correspondents, Holidays Comments: 0

Exams, shopping, cooking, parties and traveling are some of the greatest concerns during the holiday season. Here are a...

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While it’s great to be fast friends with your new college roommate, you also have to live together, which...

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By: Guest On: June 3, 2011 In: Campus Correspondents, Graduation, Student Life Comments: 0

College. Was it what I expected? I think that I can easily and unequivocally say yes. And no. And...

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By: Guest On: April 13, 2011 In: Starting College, Student Life Comments: 0

Few moments can live up to the exhilaration of being independent for the first time, but we soon find...

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By: Guest On: March 2, 2011 In: Campus Correspondents, Jobs, Student Life Comments: 0

Part-time job while being a full-time student -- social suicide? Or a great way to make extra cash for...

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By: Guest On: October 22, 2010 In: Humor, On Campus, Student Life Comments: 1

The best college pranks are far more memorable than any lecture will ever be. And at colleges, there's no...

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