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The trick to writing a great admissions essay is to start writing and exploring every day.

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Worried your college application might not be strong enough? We've got the tips you need to improve it!

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It's almost May 1, which means college applicants throughout the US and around the world are trying to decide...

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With the new SAT just debuted, many are anxious about the changes. But there is a lot of good...

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Just because you didn't graduate with a high school diploma, doesn't mean you can't attend a US college. Most...

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If you’re an international student waiting to hear about college admissions decisions, these tips can help make the most...

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College application deadlines are looming. Seniors must choose where they want to spend the next four years of their...

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If the college admissions process did not go the way you had hoped, rest assured that many students feel...

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