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Whether you’re backpacking through Europe or exploring a nearby city, it’s important to know what to pack when traveling. Packing smart might even save you some money!

Here are our top 5 suggestions for what to pack when traveling.

5. Backpack

Rule #1 of student travel is simple: pack light! There is nothing worse than over-packing, particularly if you’re not planning on staying in one place. So avoid bags on wheels and get a backpack — it’ll be easier to carry and will force you to pack as lightly as possible.

4. Travel Adapter and Converter

Not only can this gadget charge any AC powered device, it also has USB plugs, which save you from having to carry around multiple chargers for all of your electronic devices. So throw your iPod, cell phone or digital camera on the charger all at the same time, and go out and enjoy some scenery!

3. Sandals

Though your hostels may be state of the art, you can never be too careful! Traveler, meet stash sandals. They appear to be regular sandals, but have a little tray in the heel that slides out to hold valuables (i.e. cash, credit cards, passport) you’d rather keep on you at all times. Pretty nifty, huh?

2. Tide Stick

When traveling, you’ll likely only be doing your laundry one or two times, if that. You shouldn’t have to find a laundromat and wash a load just because you got a little gelato on your favorite shirt. Bring a Tide stick! It’ll get you out of otherwise sticky situations.

1. Travel-Sized Packs of Tissues

As you will soon discover, many bathrooms, particularly public ones, do not have toilet paper. Need we say more? When considering what to pack when traveling, don’t forget to keep this fact in mind. Leave the giant rolls of toilet paper at home, and carry some travel-sized tissues!

Remember — the less you’re carrying, the more easily you’ll be able to get around, both on foot and in the air. So when you’re deciding on what to pack when traveling, be a minimalist!

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    Great post! Very informative, i have plans for Amsterdam this year!

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