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The UK is one of the most popular study destinations in the world. Its capital, London, is particularly loved by international students, and for many great reasons.

For starters, London is home to the world’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning, it has a thriving social life that international students love to indulge in, and it is a global economic hub. Studying abroad in London also offers students a broader career spectrum and makes them highly employable back in their home countries.

Below are six reasons why you should consider studying abroad in London.

1. World-class universities with amazing courses

University of London building

Around 45 of the world’s cutting-edge research and specialist institutions are based in London. The facilities here are world-class and their faculties are globally recognized. In fact, the Times Higher Education ranks Imperial College London, UCL, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and King’s College London among the world’s top multi-faculty universities in the world. That’s quite impressive!

You can study literally every course known to man in one of London’s universities including zoology, medicine, law, engineering, political science, English, theater, and dance. There are over 30,000 undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by London-based colleges. What’s more, work placements and internships are easy to find and incorporate into your study program.

2. Exciting student life

London Natural History Museum

Life as a student can be boring and monotonous at times, but that is never the case in London. There are thousands of museums, zoos, restaurants, and clubs to sample during your free time.

If you love art, London is home to the world’s biggest art museums, including the Tate Britain and the British Museum. Literature enthusiasts have the British Library to check out — the 2nd largest book collection in the world with over 14 million books.  History students, on the other hand, have the Natural History Museum to visit. And most of these museums and galleries are free!

London has more than 100 cinemas, almost 400 live music venues, over 100 parks, and thousands of low-budget restaurants. Although London has a reputation for pricey cuisines, there are also tons of good restaurants downtown where you can sample delicacies from around the world at a range of prices. Some restaurants even offer student discounts.

Bars and pubs — especially student union bars — are also in their thousands, meaning you have your pick of cool and affordable joints to hang out with mates on the weekends.

3. Great transportation system

London tube station

The convenience that London offers students is simply unbeatable.

First, the city’s public transport network (including the London Underground, bus system, and rails) is excellent. It is arguably the easiest to access across Western Europe, whether you speak English or not.

Second, it is also extremely cheap to get around, especially for students who have a Student Oyster card, which offers savings of up to 30 percent.

4. Research-intensive universities

student researching in London library

British universities have a reputation for funding many world-changing discoveries, both in the past and on-going. In London alone, universities had a combined research income of over half a billion sterling pounds in 2019. The world’s best brains come to London to leverage world-class research facilities in shaping modern science — and you can too!

5. Culturally diverse

study abroad friends in the park

You don’t need any money to explore London and immerse yourself in the city’s culture. Just join a free walking tour in London and discover all the unique and culturally diverse places the city has to offer.

And, with over 100,000 international students living in London, you can make friends from all over the word — friends who could come through for you in a big way later in life, say when searching for a job overseas.

6. Amazing theaters

performance at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The National Theater, Young Vic, and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre are some of over 40 amazing theaters that London has to offer international students. Dramas, musicals, and basically everything that you could imagine is in plenty here. Whether you’re a casual theater-goer or deeply interested in London’s theatrical past and present, there’s something here for everyone.


Do you fancy studying in a fun environment while at the same time drinking in word’s most resourceful fountain of knowledge? Well, London deserves to be on your shortlist. The city allows you to experience life on a global scale, is filled with opportunities both pre and post studies, and has tons of exciting activities for all students, no matter your interests.


About Lisa Mottins: Lisa is a young, ambitious writer with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCF. She is currently learning to code and developing her photography skills. She loves expressing herself creatively and sharing her experiences in hopes of helping others.

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7 months ago

The main reason to study there is, of course, the fact that it is London! 😀
Who doesn’t want to study in London?
I can’t wait for my semester abroad there!