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South Africa is a popular study abroad destination — and for good reason!

Studying abroad in South Africa is an exciting, and totally unique experience. Since the end of apartheid in 1994, South Africa’s economy, society and politics have dramatically transformed into the great travel and study abroad destination it is today.


The country is packed with excellent universities, which offer students a chance to experience this emerging society in a challenging academic setting. With the strongest higher education system on the continent, South Africa’s multicultural universities conduct most of Africa’s research.

Consider this when choosing where to study abroad: There are 23 public universities in South Africa, each of which falls into one of three categories: traditional, technological and comprehensive. More than half of the country’s students attend the latter, which combines academics with vocational training.


South Africa is the home to some of the oldest archaeological sites in the world, several of which have helped mold the modern scientific understanding of human evolution. How many countries can say that?

Though there are many classes that are taught in English (which makes studying abroad for US students easy), studying abroad in South Africa also gives you the unique opportunity to learn one of the African languages, such as Afrikaans and isiZuluas, which would look great on your resume and impress your friends!

International Students

There are many opportunities offered to those studying abroad in South Africa. You have countless internship and community engagement programs to choose from, as well as many living environments.

Whether you’re in the oldest European settlement of Cape Town, surrounded by art galleries in Stellenbosch, or in the commercial center of Johannesburg, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you may never want to return home!

Between its prestigious universities, multifaceted culture, natural beauty and wildlife, fascinating cities and booming economy, studying abroad in South Africa will satisfy any palette.

How ULS Can Help

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8 years ago

This is great! Speaking from personal experiences, I really enjoyed studying in Johannesburg and Cape Town as an undergrad. I think it was a much more interesting/unique experience than my friends all seemed to get on their cookie cutter study abroad program in Europe. One great tip is to find a program in SA that best suits your needs. I studied with CGE, but there are many more great programs out there. Check out this website for more info/reviews on program options Happy traveling!