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Recent studies show that students who choose to study abroad tend to be smarter upon their return. (As if you needed another reason to travel the world!)

So if you’re looking for a way to boost your brain power, consider picking up a student visa and heading to another country!

The Findings

One of the studies found that students who were open to learning about different cultures during their time overseas could think about complex ideas more easily than other students could. So in a sense, choosing to study abroad makes you smarter.

More specifically, the study discovered that people who have experience with more than one culture are better at problem solving and are often more creative, as well. Add that to the other study abroad benefits and you have a few excellent reasons for studying in another country!

What the Results Indicate

If you want to be a little smarter, making the choice to study abroad in college and reap the many benefits is encouraged. And of course, being smarter comes with its own advantages, even after you graduate.

For example, studies covering the study abroad benefits have found that students who go to school in another country are more likely to be promoted at work. They are also more likely than usual to start new businesses or invent products.

So if your goal is to succeed in the workplace, it makes sense to take advantage of the many study abroad benefits and head to the country of your choice during college.

Not Just a Correlation

You may be thinking that the kind of students who want to study abroad are already smarter, or  more creative thinkers — but the researchers tested this, too. In testing groups of students who did not want to study abroad, who were planning to study abroad, and who already had studied abroad, the students who had been abroad largely outperformed the other two groups.

So, there are definitely benefits to the experience itself! It makes sense: Studying abroad forces students to interact with a whole new culture and learn how to problem solve and communicate in ways they’ve never had to before.

Other Study Abroad Benefits

If becoming smarter is not enough of a reason for you to study abroad, you might be interested in learning the other benefits associated with going to school in a different country. Satisfying your need to travel is just one of the reasons to study abroad in college.

Another benefit of studying abroad is standing out to employers during your job search, as few applicants will have the same experience as you. If the position requires you to interact with people from other cultures, then studying abroad will be especially helpful to you, particularly if you learned another language while overseas.

And if you start a blog about your study abroad experience, you’ll enjoy even more benefits. For instance, you will be able to teach others about what you learned in another country, and it’s a great personal addition to a job application.

So the next time you want to feel a little smarter, consider the many study abroad benefits and then apply to a school in the country of your choice!

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