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There are lots of reasons to study abroad during college.

That’s probably why so many schools strive to make it easy for students to take this route before graduating!

Recent studies have shown that studying or working abroad gives students plenty of advantages in their post-college lives, including improving their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Whether you’re already thinking of studying abroad or have never seriously considered the idea, check out some of the best reasons to do so.

1. Learn a New Language

One of the most common reasons to study abroad is to immerse yourself in another language. This is especially helpful for students who are minoring or majoring in one or more languages.

But you do not have to be currently studying a language to study abroad in a certain country. If you have always been interested in learning another language in a short period of time, why not throw yourself into it all at once? Just be sure to bring a dictionary or download some helpful apps for students.

2. Get to Know Another Culture

Perhaps you have always been fascinated by other cultures. Studying abroad offers the perfect opportunity to explore how other people live. Exposure to another culture fosters open-mindedness and flexibility through exposure to different perspectives and ways of life.

If you are having trouble choosing which country to study abroad in, consider your own heritage. Many students are interested in learning more about where their ancestors are from, which is one of the main reasons they might choose to study abroad in the first place.

3. Make School More Interesting

If you ever feel restless or even bored in your college classes, it might be time to consider studying abroad. Maybe you just need a new environment in which to learn.

Classes abroad tend to take advantage of the nearby environment for some hands-on learning. Your language class may take trips to local markets to practice your skills (and try some delicious food), or your architecture class may involve walking the streets of an ancient city. Actually seeing the places in your textbooks will definitely make class more interesting!

4. Satisfy Your Need to Travel

Lots of people love to travel, but it can be harder as you get older. Once you have a job and start a family, traveling might not fit into your schedule or your budget.

That’s one of the reasons you should study abroad while you’re still young and life is more flexible than it might be in post-grad years. Studying abroad will give you the opportunity to experience both the more touristy sites, which you can visit on weekends, and, as you become more familiar and comfortable in your home away from home, what it feels like to be a native.

Additionally, a lot of students studying in Europe and Asia take advantage of cheap flights and railway tickets to visit other neighboring countries on their spring and/or winter breaks.

5. Gain Some Independence

If you are living at home in college with your parents, or even if your school is within driving distance of their house, you might have a tendency to lean on them when you need help. So for students going to school close to home, increasing their independence is an especially great reason to study abroad.

When you are a plane ride away, you often have to figure things out for yourself. Instead of visiting your parents on the weekends so you can do your laundry for free, you will have to explore your new home and find a laundromat. And once you’re a little older, you’ll be glad you got this kind of experience!

6. Improve Your Job Prospects

Studies have found that you become more valuable to employers when you have study abroad experience. One of the reasons for this is that you have experience with other cultures, which is helpful in a global economy.

Recent studies have also found that students who have studied abroad are able to think more creatively and make interesting connections between concepts. The flexibility and openness both of these qualities bring about will no doubt be considered valuable job skills in any industry.

There are plenty of reasons that studying abroad benefits your job search: you may become proficient in another language, experience new foods and cultures, become a more self-reliant person, or even get a great internship while abroad.

What were your reasons for deciding to study abroad?

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