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The opportunity to study abroad during college may be amazing, but you can still become indifferent to – and even bored with – the everyday routine you’ll fall into.

If the excitement of studying abroad is starting to wear off, get inspired to do more with these ideas.

Make a List of Things To Do

Before you left home for your study abroad trip, there were probably tons of things on your to-do list. This may especially be the case if you chose to study in a country you have always wanted to visit.

But it can be easy to feel overwhelmed once you arrive, and then eventually you might feel too busy with school to visit all the landmarks you originally had in mind. Even worse, you may start to think there will plenty of time to see those sights later — but the truth is, there isn’t. That’s how I wound up never visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa, even though I was in Florence for almost four months (just 6 euros and a half hour train ride away!).

Settling in and feeling comfortable is good, but don’t become complacent. Plan to spend some time visiting all the places you would want to check out if you were merely on a vacation, not studying abroad in college.

Explore Your Home City

Be sure to explore the city you’re in during your study abroad experience. This means instead of staying inside the library every time you study, you should bring your books and head out to a local coffeehouse, restaurant, or even a park. Sure, the sights and sounds might distract you a bit, but you’ll get to see more of the country you chose to study in.

Once you’ve gotten familiar with the area you’re in, move on to a neighboring city or country for the weekend! After all, many countries abroad are pretty close to each other, making travel from one nation to another much easier than it would be in the US.

So if you’re studying in studying abroad in Ireland and have always wanted to see England or Scotland, this is the time to go. It will never be cheaper or faster than it is now!

Experience Life Like a Local

Though you should definitely visit all the tourist attractions soon after you arrive, you should also take some time to check out the little-known spots that locals love. Talk to your fellow classmates, neighbors, and new friends about which restaurants and coffee shops they like. These will probably be different from the ones the tourists have heard of.

While you’re busy exploring the country where you’re studying abroad, consider learning the language. Even if you happen to speak the same language, surely you’ll pick up some new slang that the residents use. You can bring it back home and teach your friends a new way to talk.

And if you really want to make the most of this journey, be sure to blog about your study abroad experience! Thinking of experiences that will make your blog more interesting should be great inspiration for getting the most out of your time abroad.

Do you have more ideas for how to make the most of your study abroad experience? Share them in the comments below!

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