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If you have the chance to study abroad, you have the opportunity to not just learn about a different culture, but actually experience it. Why not make the most of it by exploring a country that few other students (or even your friends and family) get to visit?

If you’re not sure which country to go to, consider these unique options that will give you a study abroad experience to remember.

1. United Arab Emirates

Dubai an alternative study abroad destination

There are several remarkable cities in this area that many people never think to visit. Whether you head to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah – to name just a few options – you will see a country that has an interesting mix of modern skyscrapers and expansive sand dunes.

If you want to learn the basics of Arabic, the United Arab Emirates is the place to be. Though most people here speak English or Arabic, you might also hear some Tagalog, Farsi and Urdu, making this a great destination for linguistics lovers hoping for some language learning while abroad. But anyone studying architecture will be equally pleased, thanks to the breathtaking buildings in the larger cities here.

2. Antartica


Yes, you can actually study abroad in Antarctica! And you should, as long as you enjoy cold weather and like the idea of going somewhere few people have gone before. In most cases, the study abroad programs here are only a few weeks long, so you can fit in this adventure during summer or even winter break.

Just keep in mind that since no one really lives in this area, there’s no culture to experience. But there is plenty of beautiful wildlife to see and a scenic environment to admire. That’s why the students who most enjoy this study abroad location tend to be interested in the sciences, such as geology, biology and climate change. If you want to learn about the history of this continent, you might want to study abroad here, too.

3. Russia

Study Abroad - Moscow, Russia

This is another location you’ll love if you feel at home in cold weather. There are several study abroad programs at universities in the larger cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow, but you can also study in smaller cities, such as Irkutsk and Yaroslavl.

Russia has a rich history you’ll be able to learn about when you study there, thanks to the plethora of museums, statues and landmarks you can visit. The Kremlin, the Red Square, and St. Basil’s Cathedral are just a few amazing sights that will bring this country’s history to life when you visit.

4. Romania


Another great option for history students is Romania, which has an interesting past that you’ll learn about when you study abroad in this country. Whether you choose to stay in Transylvania or Bucharest, you can get a close look at the gorgeous architecture that this country is known for.

You can also head to landmarks that you’ve only seen in pictures until now. These include the Danube River, the Transfagarasan Highway and the People’s Palace. What better way to remember what you’ve learned in history books than to see it with your own eyes?

5. Peru

Study Abroad - Peru

If you’re trying to improve your Spanish skills without taking a trip to the most popular Spanish-speaking destinations, Peru should be on your list of study abroad destinations. There are several programs to choose from in the major city of Lima, which happens to be close to some of the most impressive landmarks you’ll find when you study abroad in South America.

Machu Picchu is just one of the parts of Peru you won’t want to miss. When you study abroad in this country, you can also visit the Incan city of Cusco, the remote city of Iquitos and of course the Amazon rainforest.

Where Will You Go?

If you’re looking for a way to set your study abroad experience apart from all the rest, these countries serve as great destinations for curious college students! Which one do you most want to visit?

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