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Ah, the summer before you start college. The anticipation, the excitement… the boredom? Unless you’re taking summer classes or have a summer job or internship, summer can be slow for students as they await the start of their freshman year.

Don’t let these warm months go to waste. Check out this list of fun and helpful things to do the summer before college.

6. Go to Orientation

During the summer before college, schools host orientations for incoming freshmen. Make sure you go!

The orientation will quite literally orient you around the school. You may be feeling excited, nervous, stressed, or a combination of all of these as you prepare to leave home and begin your new college life. Luckily, orientation can alleviate a lot of these more anxious feelings. At orientation, you’ll meet your new classmates, learn how to navigate and get around on campus, discover all the best places to eat, and a bunch of other useful tips

New situations become a lot less nerve-wracking once you know what to expect and attending your college’s orientation is a sure-fire way to relieve some of the college stress you may be experiencing.

5. Friend Your Roommate on Facebook

Nervous about how you’ll get along with your college roommate? Initiate a beautiful friendship by making contact online the summer before college!

You might just find that you and your roommate have a lot in common and begin to set some ground rules for sharing a living space (i.e. visitors, noise levels, and lights out). If nothing else, you’ll figure out who’s bringing the mini-fridge and who’s bringing the TV.

4. Enrich Your Mind

Are the books you intended to read getting dusty on your shelf? Read some classics the summer before college and enrich your mind! Some colleges even provide students with a list of suggested readings.

If yours doesn’t, you can’t go wrong with any classic from Pride & Prejudice to 1984. Browse your local library or bookstore and see what catches your eye. It’s good to stretch your vocabulary beyond what you’ve been reading in BuzzFeed articles and will also help prepare you for the reading you’ll be expected to complete in college.

3. Learn a Language

Knowing more than one language is not only a great resume skill, but something that allows you to connect with more people.

And who knows, it may be useful if you decide to study abroad! Duolingo is a great starter app for learning a new language, but if you have the time and can afford it, taking a class is even better. Plus, you may be able to earn some college credits.

2. Buy a Laptop

If you don’t have one already, you’ll want your own laptop for college. Yes, there are computer labs, but you’ll want the option to crank out that research paper from the (relative) comfort of your own dorm bed.

Plus, it’ll come in handy with note-taking, homework, studying for finals, and staying in touch with friends back home. So save up some money this summer and buy a laptop for college!

1. Make a Deal With Your Parents

Avert future disaster by deciding on visits, phone calls, and holiday drives home during the summer before college. Make sure you agree on all of the above — it will save you a lot of grief in the future!

Is your summer shaping up to be as lazy as ever? Don’t miss your opportunity to get better acquainted with what awaits you in the next four years. Spend your summer before college having fun and preparing!

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