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It is customary for students to purchase a laptop for college when they are beginning their freshman year.

However, when presented with so many shiny, new models it’s easy to get carried away and buy something that neither suits your needs nor is worth the money you try so hard to save.

Take into account these 5 necessary features when buying a laptop for college:

1. Size

The most redeeming factor about a laptop for college is its portability. Especially if you’re leaving home for college, you’ll need a computer that’s easy to carry around and work on, whether it’s in your dorm room, your college library, or the quad.

The ideal size of the display monitor of a laptop for college is 13-15 inches. Since college students need something that they can bring with them virtually anywhere, it is important for the size and weight to be minimal.

2. RAM & Hard Disk

Students need to take memory and RAM into account when considering which laptop for college best suits their needs. Your laptop for college is not just a work station–it’s also your stereo, bookshelf, and TV.

A laptop for college should have a minimum RAM of 2GB and a hard disk capacity of 160GB. This will allow the computer to perform at a good speed and have enough internal space to last you all throughout your college career.

3. Price

A laptop for college is an investment in your future. Though you shouldn’t be spending thousands of dollars on features that you’ll never use, you should consider the money that you do spend on your laptop for college to be worthwhile.

Don’t just settle on the cheapest computer you can find, do the research! The extra several hundred dollars are often worth it, if it means not having to pay even more in repairs a couple of years into college or worse, having to purchase a new laptop for college altogether.

4. Looks

Appearances are important to college students, and this doesn’t exclude laptops! When purchasing a laptop for college, get a model that you enjoy aesthetically. There are plenty of sizes, shapes and colors to choose from!

5. Warranty

Your laptop for college should last you for at least the duration of your college career. With a warranty, you can make sure that it does!

Whatever happens to your laptop for college, whether it gets stolen, run over or submerged in sticky liquid (it happens!), your warranty will have you covered.

When choosing your laptop for college, don’t just shop by name brand and appearances alone! Do the research to make sure that all your requirements are met. If your computer performs all the necessary duties, has an attractive exterior and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, you have found the perfect laptop for college!

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11 years ago

Don’t forget Linux!

10 years ago

160GB hardrive? Are you kidding me? Ipods have more memory then that.

9 years ago

160GB? You must be joking. I wouldn’t take anything under 500 for college. Movies, music, and games take up a lot of space, your course work will not.