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Greek life in college can be a hot-button topic among undergrads. While some students love Greek life and see it as a way to enrich their undergrad experience, others don’t want to get anywhere near a frat house.

Greek life in college definitely has benefits, but that doesn’t mean that joining a fraternity or sorority is right for everybody.

These pros and cons about Greek life in college give you a run down of the system so you can decide if fraternities and sororities at US colleges are right for you.

Pro: A Boost to Your Social Life

Becoming a part of Greek life is a great way to boost your college social life. Not only do you meet other individuals in your fraternity or sorority, these organizations also often host events together, organize community service projects jointly, and – more often than not – party together.

Con: Too-Crazy Partying

The social aspect of being in a fraternity or sorority can also be a con. Participating in Greek life in college exposes you to so many social opportunities that your studies may suffer. Some fraternities and sororities even have negative reputations for alcohol-fueled, out-of-control parties. However, while some fraternities and sororities party hard, others are more sedate.

Pro: A Close Community

The social aspect that comes with Greek life in college helps build a sense of community. You will have the comfort of easily getting to know many people through the Greek system and of always having that social network to fall back on this can be especially useful when finding a job after college.

Con: Limited Diversity in the Community

Although it’s great to have a social network through Greek life in college, be forewarned that the diversity of this network may be limited. This depends largely on the fraternity/sorority, as well as the school itself. Depending on your school, you may be hard-pressed to find much diversity in the system.

Pro: Volunteer Work Is Encouraged

One excellent aspect of the Greek system is the fact that it champions community service and volunteerism. Sororities and fraternities may do everything from holding fundraisers to tutoring local school children. Greek life in college can offer you an outlet to do some good.

Con: The Exclusivity Factor

Many people simply don’t like the idea of Greek life in college because of the exclusivity it implicitly (or sometimes very obviously) advertises. Joining a sorority or fraternity isn’t always easy. You often have to “rush” in a sort of campaign to be accepted into the organization – something that many students find unfair.

Rushing is also usually accompanied by exorbitant fees, and occasionally hazing.

Finding the Sorority/Fraternity for You

The list above gives you some of the most debated pros and cons of Greek life in college, but it’s essential to remember that fraternities and sororities within the Greek system are not all identical. Greek life in college isn’t for everybody, but if you do your research and find an organization that fits what you’re looking for, be it partying or volunteering, you might find the benefits of Greek life are for you.

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