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Participating in extracurricular activities in college is not only a great way to meet people with similar interests, but also a great addition to your resume.

Before you start worrying about finding a job, however, think about which extracurricular activities in college are right for you. Want to highlight your interest in writing? Join the school newspaper. Interested in social work? Get involved with a community service program.

Extracurricular activities in college are great ways to get your foot in the door of your passion — and hopefully your career! Here’s how to choose the extracurricular activities in college that suit you:

1. Choose a Focus.

If you don’t already know what career you’re interested in pursuing, start by asking yourself some basic questions. What was your favorite subject in high school? What subjects did you do well in? The answers to these questions are likely to coincide and give you an idea about what you want to focus on.

2. Find Relevant Clubs.

In college, you can find a club for just about anything. Even if something seems a little bit interesting, check it out! You’ve got nothing to lose, and it might just turn out to be your favorite extracurricular activity in college. You’ll meet classmates who are just as nerdy (in a good way, of course!) about underwater basket weaving as you are and gain some great skills to add to your resume in the process.

3. Consider Other Options.

Clubs aren’t the only extracurricular activities in college that are worth trying. Internships and volunteer programs are other options that are highly regarded by employers as well as being a lot of fun.

There are many reasons for students to participate in internships in college. Earning college credits, experience and (if you’re lucky) money are all pretty good motivators. It’s also a great way to start taking steps towards your future career — you never know who you’ll meet while networking!

Volunteering is another safe bet as far as extracurricular activities in college go. What future employer wouldn’t like to see that you’re selfless, hardworking and concerned with the well-being of your community? Plus, you might just find a passion for a certain cause or issue that could lead to a job or even career.

4. Narrow Down Your Choices.

I know, I know. There are so many options, and you want to try all of them. But it’s important not to overload yourself in the end. Choose only one or two extracurricular activities to be truly involved in at any one time. Between your course load and a couple of extracurricular activities in college, you’ll be swamped!

5. Make Your Own!

In the off chance that you’ve exhausted all your options and still haven’t found the right extracurricular activities in college, here is another option: Most colleges allow students to form new clubs!

If you have a unique hobby or interest that hasn’t yet been turned into a club, take initiative! There are probably others out there who are as into Star Wars action figure collections as you are, and they just haven’t found a time and place to get together yet!

Finding your passion is what college is all about, and extracurricular activities can help. The most important thing is choosing a direction and following through. Extracurricular activities in college can help you find your calling and spruce up your resume for the job you’re looking for.

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