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Misconceptions about college Greek life become instilled in us from the moment we start watching TV, relating to movies set in college and listening to rumors. But the fact of the matter is that a lot of what we think we know about college Greek life is not at all founded in fact.

Not all sorority girls are blond and blue-eyed, not all fraternity houses throw ridiculous parties, and though pledging to a sorority sometimes is difficult, it’s not as sadistic as the stereotypes suggest.

Check out the top 4 misconceptions about college Greek life:

4. All sorority/fraternity members are stuck up jerks.

While you’re bound to encounter a few conceited jerks anywhere you go, it’s a common misconception that everyone involved in college Greek life is going to be like that. Like you, most people who join the Greek life in college are looking to make friends, so be open minded!

3. You have to be a certain “type” or person to join college Greek life.

There are many (trust me when I say MANY) sororities and fraternities out there. And guess what? They’re all different. They get involved in different activities, have different living atmospheres, and will have different requirements for members.

You can take your time getting to know each sorority or fraternity at your school and see which you feel most comfortable in. You may just find a slice of college Greek life that’s a perfect fit.

2. College Greek life is all about partying.

Yes, we have all seen “Animal House,” which glorifies the college Greek life party scene. And while many fraternities and sororities do throw excellent parties in their Greek houses, that is certainly not all that they’re about.

Sororities and fraternities are about making friends and improving your social life, but they’re also about being a part of something great. They get involved in community service, local service projects and raising awareness about worthy charities.

1. In order to join a sorority, you must submit to hazing.

Perhaps there are certain sororities and fraternities that participate in hazing, but I know for a fact that there are ones that don’t. In fact, certain states have specific laws set in place in order to prevent hazing — the physical or mental harassment used as a means to initiate someone into a fraternity or sorority.

One thing I can tell you is this: If you’re being forced into doing something you aren’t comfortable with, you probably don’t want to be a part of that house anyway. So if you’re not comfortable doing something that anyone asks you, don’t do it. That rule of thumb more or less applies to all situations, college Greek life included.

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