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Are you worried about making your class schedule in college?

The process of selecting your own classes may seem a little overwhelming. When are they offered? Are there any conflicting time slots? Is the class full? Don’t fret — it’s not as hard as you think!

With a little planning, you’ll have a great class schedule that will give you plenty of time to go to class, study, and even go to a party here and there. Here’s how to choose a great class schedule in college.

1. Get a Planner

Rule number one of making a class schedule in college is to be organized. A daily planner is a great tool to do just that! You can write in when important assignments are due, when you have to give that group presentation and when your exams are scheduled.

Also, write in your extracurricular activities. Want to check out that drama club? Go to a swim practice? Mark it down so that you plan around it — you may even want to sign up for Saturday classes if that works best for your schedule!

2. Determine Your Availability

Decide what is the best time for you to attend classes. Do you have other obligations on any given day? Are night classes right for you? Do you want to take morning classes? Figure out your availability, and build your college class schedule around when you are best able to retain information.

3. Meet With Your Adviser

Your college adviser can help you figure out which classes you need to take for your major, as well as give you some tips on making your class schedule. Tell your adviser about any personal obligations you have outside of college so that you can coordinate around them.

Don’t overdo it! Allow room in your schedule for other responsibilities such as work, family obligations, and clubs or social organizations you might want to join.

4. Review

Once you’ve come up with a class schedule in college, write it down and review it with your adviser. Is anything overlapping in time? Are you satisfied with the classes you’re taking?

5. Register

Though it varies in each school, usually the class registration process happens online. If not, you’ll be able to register by phone or in person. During your appointed time, log in/call/come in and register!

A wise tip (from someone who has made this mistake!): Balance your course load by registering for a variety of required classes. Do not take all of your most difficult courses in the same semester!

Making a class schedule in college shouldn’t be stressful — just don’t put it off until the last minute!

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