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Certain problems in the dorms call for a change in roommate.

If you cannot continue dealing with the roommate issues you are facing in college, it may be time to switch dorm rooms. Here are some problems that may be too serious to ignore.

Inability to Study

One example of a good reason to change your college roommate is if you simply cannot get any studying done due to his or her habits. While there is plenty of fun to be had in school, you have to keep up your grades if you want to enjoy the college social life for long.

If your roommate is constantly bringing people over to party while you study, keeping you up late at night and causing you to miss class due to a lack of sleep, you need to do something. If reminding or even pleading with your roommate does not work, it’s time to look at other college dorm rooms.

Different Schedule

Along the same lines, if your roommate’s odd schedule is keeping you awake at night, you should consider switching college dorm rooms. Some students stay up all night and sleep during the day. This may be out of preference, or perhaps they are used to working the night shift and taking classes in the late afternoon or evening.

If so, there is not much you can do when it comes to compromising. Your roommate would have to stay quiet at night, and you would have to stay respectfully silent during the day while he or she slept. This can get tiresome after a while, so you may have to change your roommate to someone who is more on your schedule.

Illegal or Dangerous Items

While the threat of failing out of school is a valid reason to change your roommate, so is getting kicked out for contraband. If your roommate brings in alcohol, drugs or weapons, you risk being expelled together.

This is because there might not be a way for authorities to tell whose belongings are whose, especially if your roommate blames you. Therefore, you should urge him or her to stop bringing prohibited items into your dorm, or you may be forced to tell your resident adviser, or RA, that you have a bad college roommate that you simply cannot tolerate anymore.

Lack of Housekeeping Ability

It is pretty common for students to not keep their college dorm rooms in the tidiest condition, but some cross the line. For example, leaving crumbs on the floor can invite insects into your dorm room, while leaving old food out for days can result in mold or other substances that would shock your biology professor.

So while having a roommate who has a cluttered desk or does not make the bed every day is not usually grounds for switching college dorm rooms, habits that are disgusting and downright dangerous should count.

Initiate the Process with Your RA

No matter what the problem is, you should talk to your roommate about it before you decide to check out other college dorm rooms. If you are the one who’s having trouble, you will likely have to move to a new room, so be sure the problem is worth the effort of moving out.

If it is, you should talk to your RA. He or she can provide you with specific details on how to change your roommate. Every college has a different process, but in most cases, you and your RA will have to talk to those in charge of student housing at your school. You will then likely fill out a form that explains why you are not getting along with your college roommate.

There is no guarantee that you can change college dorm rooms, but if you can show that you have a good reason to do so, you typically have the best chance of success. Talk to your RA to improve the likelihood that you will be able to change your roommate soon.

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