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June 14 officially marks Flag Day in the United States, a day when we raise a salute to the...

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By: Guest On: June 24, 2009 In: Applying to College, Summer, Testing Comments: 0

Whether you study vocabulary flashcards on your own or enroll in a prep class, if you begin to prepare...

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By: Guest On: June 19, 2009 In: Applying to College, Choosing a College, High School, Summer Comments: 0

Preparing for the college application process now gives you a head start on other applicants and makes your last...

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By: Guest On: June 10, 2009 In: Academics Comments: 1

Why should you care if the person leading your lecture is an associate professor, a lecturer or something else...

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By: Guest On: June 8, 2009 In: On Campus, Orientation, Student Housing, Student Life Comments: 0

Freshman orientation introduces new students to the campus and may be your first opportunity to meet your new classmates....

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An American roommate can help you practice your English language skills and is also a great resource to learn...

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Looking for a best value college? Check out the Princeton Review's latest list of best value colleges.

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College intramural sports are a fantastic way for US college students to stay fit and make friends without the...

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By: Guest On: May 15, 2009 In: Jobs, Money, Summer Comments: 0

The semester may be coming to a close, but students still have options for summer employment, from last-minute internships...

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By: Guest On: April 17, 2009 In: On Campus, Student Life Comments: 0

"Going Greek" can be a great way to make friends, but it isn't for everyone. Before deciding whether to...

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By: Guest On: March 25, 2009 In: Living in the US, Off-Campus Housing Comments: 0

Finding an affordable apartment off-campus is possible if you know what you want and where to look.

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By: Guest On: January 19, 2009 In: International Students, Living in the US, Money, On Campus Comments: 0

If you’re an international student intent on getting a US credit card make sure you follow these 3 bits...

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The results of your college finals are a huge part of your course grade. We have 5 tips to...

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