By: Guest On: December 30, 2009 In: Applying to College, Paying for College Comments: 0

Undocumented immigrants are guaranteed an education in the US through high school, but what about college? There are several...

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By: Guest On: December 28, 2009 In: Student Life Comments: 0

It is customary for students to purchase a laptop for college when they are beginning their freshman year. However,...

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By: Guest On: December 23, 2009 In: Graduate School, Testing Comments: 0

In 2011, the Educational Testing Service announced several changes to GRE --the most drastic in the history of the...

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By: Guest On: December 21, 2009 In: Applying to College, Testing Comments: 0

Students are often told contradicting things about how many times it's okay to take the SAT test before it...

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College application mistakes can limit your choices or eliminate your chances of getting in. Take a careful look at...

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How do you get the most from your financial aid package? Look at schools that pledge to meet all...

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By: Guest On: December 9, 2009 In: International Students, Internships, Study Abroad, Travel Comments: 0

An internship abroad is a great experience for students who are interested in learning or mastering a different language,...

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By: Guest On: December 7, 2009 In: Holidays, Student Life Comments: 1

Too often, students waste their college winter break sitting around watching TV and getting nothing done. This year, consider...

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By: Guest On: November 27, 2009 In: Graduation, Student Life Comments: 0

There's been a lot of buzz recently about the implementation of programs that allow you to finish college in...

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By: Guest On: November 25, 2009 In: Student Life, Testing Comments: 0

Finals are right around the corner! Are you prepared? Succeeding on your final exam isn’t just about cramming information...

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By: Nicole at University Language On: November 20, 2009 In: Humor, Testing Comments: 40

What famous figure got a perfect SAT score, and which celebrity received a score of less than 500?

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By: Nicole at University Language On: November 16, 2009 In: Internships, Summer Comments: 0

Summer might seem like a world away, but the winter months are an ideal time to find a summer...

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By: Nicole at University Language On: November 13, 2009 In: Choosing a College, Graduation Comments: 0

Have you ever considered college graduation rates? Do you know why they matter?

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By: Guest On: November 9, 2009 In: Academics, College Classes Comments: 0

It's okay if you've started college, but haven't chosen your college major yet. Most colleges don’t require you to...

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Find out what real admissions officers look for in college portfolios and tailor yours to fit that criteria.

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