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Cheap eats, free sights, affordable housing, and easily accessible public transportation.

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If you’re an international student applying to US colleges, you likely have a long list of things to do...

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By: Autumn at University Language On: October 22, 2019 In: Applying to College, High School Comments: 0

Letting colleges know about your extracurricular activities tells them about you you are beyond your studies.

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University life abroad can be fun if you learn to juggle your responsibilities efficiently. Getting a part-time job or...

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In this post, we'll help you settle seamlessly into your overseas university with the tips you need to succeed.

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Learning more about what freshers’ flu is, what causes it, and how to treat it will help you get...

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As you prepare to study abroad in college, be sure to make time to volunteer while you’re in another...

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Planning on studying abroad in Europe? There are bound to be tons of things you're going to want to...

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By: Autumn at University Language On: September 3, 2019 In: Money, Paying for College, Study Abroad Comments: 0

As you start making plans to study abroad, look into these options for paying for the trip.

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Use these tips to get familiar with your new college town.

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By: Guest On: August 20, 2019 In: On Campus, Starting College, Student Life Comments: 1

Making new friends in college may seem daunting, but there are many easy ways to meet people on campus...

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As your first day of college approaches, you’re likely thinking a lot about the challenges you'll face. Though you...

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Your first week of college classes is exciting, but things don't always go as planned. Here are three common...

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If you are thinking of taking an AP test or two during high school, you are not alone. More...

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There's tons of lists out there that tell you what to pack for college, but here's a list featuring...

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