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It’s normal to be both excited and worried about college as you enter the first semester, especially if you’re an international student living in the US for the first time.

The good news is many common college worries have simple solutions.

Get an idea of some frequent anxiety-inducing topics, and then rest assured that you can easily resolve them!

What If I Don’t Get Along with My Roommate?

You have probably heard many horror stories about students living with roommates they just cannot get along with. While it is normal to go into college worried about this possibility, it is not necessary to get anxious about it.

After all, you have a good chance of at least being able to stand your roommate, even if you don’t become fast friends. And keep in mind, you don’t have to hang out with your roommate all the time just because you live together.

In fact, it may turn out that your classes are at different times, which means you may rarely see each other. Add in a job and a busy social calendar for each of you, and you may see your roommate infrequently enough to almost feel like you live alone.

In the worst case scenario, if you really cannot resolve your roommate issues, you can simply speak to your resident assistant (or RA) about switching rooms. Trust me, you won’t be the first or the last college student to switch rooms midway through the year.

If you’re worried about college problems like this one, rest assured that it is easily solvable.

What If My Classes Are Too Hard?

Many incoming freshmen are worried about college classes since they are often more advanced than what they are accustomed to. But you should know that this is not the case with every class, especially if you took honors and AP classes.

If you do struggle with getting good grades in your courses, take note that there are plenty of resources available to worried students. Most professors are willing to help you better understand a subject, so consider scheduling a meeting after class to discuss your confusion.

Many schools also offer tutoring centers, which tells you that being worried about college courses is quite normal. If you meet other students who are worried about the college classes you are taking together, you can form a study group. Of course, if you are just too far behind to catch up, you can often drop the class early in the semester.

What If I Can’t Make Any Friends?

It is normal for new students, both national and international, to be worried about the college social scene. After all, making new friends and having new experiences is largely what college is all about. For this reason, it should actually be quite easy to make friends since everyone else is in the same boat.

If you are having trouble meeting new people, join some clubs or a sports team. This automatically gives you something to talk about with other students, since you know at least one subject you are both interested in!

Also, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with that kid who sits next to you in English 101 and keep an eye on campus boards in the cafeteria and other student centers as they post upcoming social events many of which are specifically designed for first years.

I Haven’t Chosen a Major Yet!

It is normal to be worried about your college major when you enroll. But you are not the only student who has not declared a major yet. If you are not sure about the topic you want to focus on in college, feel free to stay undeclared until you are inspired.

If you still have not declared a major after a year or two in college, you should talk with your guidance counselor. But don’t be worried about this common issue during your first semester in college! You’ve got plenty of time to figure it out.

I’m Going to Be Broke!

Yes, you might not have money to spare in college, but this is common and even expected. This is why there are scores of grants, scholarships and loans to help you cover the costs of tuition, books and some living expenses.

If you are worried about finances during college, you should start considering ways to save money in school. In addition, you will likely have some time to spare after class, which means you can get a job, either on-campus or off.
Clearly, there is a lot to consider before you start school. However, you do not have to become worried about college issues like these since they all have viable solutions.

What issues are you most worried about before you begin college?

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