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Running in a student government election is a great way to boost your resume, get to know fellow classmates and gain a variety of valuable skills useful in any type of job, whether it’s in politics or not.

Winning a student government election requires you to develop all sorts of talents, and the hard work you put into winning a campaign can benefit you in many areas of life. So just how do you win a student government election?

Be a people person.

Being approachable and getting to know your fellow students should be at the top of your list if you’re thinking of running for student government. After all, nobody is going to vote for someone they’ve never heard of! Interacting with a variety of social groups, participating in extracurricular activities and projecting an open and friendly demeanor are all great ways to get to know your fellow students.

Bill Clinton is a great example of a politician whose friendly demeanor could win over all types of people; one minute he was delivering serious speeches and the next he was playing saxophone on stage with a funk band.

Use promotional materials.

Materials that get your name seen on campus are always a good idea. It might seem cheesy to plaster stickers or posters with your name on them all over the place, but it’s a good way to get people’s attention and make sure they remember your name!

Enlist your artsy friends to take your campaign promotional material to the next level by making creative and catchy posters, stickers and pamphlets. Small items that you can give to people to carry around, like pens and key chains, are also good — it allows your fans to show their support for you to the rest of the campus, like a walking advertisement!

Turn to technology.

Running in a student government election without using the internet is pretty much pointless. Creating your own website, building a campaign Facebook page, making campaign videos to upload to YouTube — these are just some of the ways that you can take advantage of technology to give your campaign a boost. Total tech dunce? There must be someone on your campaign team who can help you learn the ropes of basic website building and maintenance!

Why bother with student government?

Maybe you don’t have your sights set on Capitol Hill, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from running for student government. Certain things you’ll need to develop when running in a student government election — leadership, self-confidence, speaking talent and people skills, for example — are all useful for any job search and in any area of your life. More concrete tasks that may be a part of running in a student government election, like building a webpage, can also look great on your resume.

Don’t assume that student government elections are just for future senators — running for student government is a positive experience that can help you in many ways. Oh, and if you win? That’s just another bonus.

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