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Decorating dorm rooms with personal touches is a fun way to make your new space away from home feel like your own.

With a little creativity, even the most cash-strapped students can turn their dorm room into a unique space that doesn’t look like an ad for Ikea. Read on for 10 budget-friendly tips that any student can use when decorating dorm rooms.

1. Buy Extra Pillows

Buy big, comfy pillows for your bed. They’re also handy for extra “seats” on the floor when your friends are hanging out in your room.

Make your pillows original by buying cheap material from a fabric store to cover up plain pillows, or using cool retro t-shirts as pillowcases.

2. Dress Your Walls

Most US college dorms are pretty bare, so decorating dorm room walls is a must. You don’t want to be staring at four white walls all year, right? From posters to cloth wall-hangs to old record album covers, there are plenty of cool ways you can go about decorating your dorm room walls.

3. Create Mood Lighting

Most dorm rooms have harsh overhead fluorescent lighting. When decorating your dorm, buy a couple of lamps and soft 60 watt bulbs to avoid the hospital room lighting.

4. Invest in Nice Sheets

Your bed is probably going to be the biggest piece of furniture in your room, so sheets are an essential thing to consider when decorating dorm rooms. Tip: Lighter shades will make the room look bigger.

Also, some students get in touch with their college roommate before they leave for school, so they can coordinate sheet colors and plan other dorm room accessories

5. Grab Some Throw Blankets

A colorful blanket to throw on the foot of your bed is a great way to spice up plain sheets. It’s also handy for hiding piles of laundry you haven’t folded yet, ramen noodle stains on the sheets, and more.

6. Utilize Space Savers

Most dorm rooms are small, so investing in space savers like under-the-bed tubs and stackable crates is an excellent way to save space. These can also be helpful when you pack for college.

7. Find Fun Picture Frames

When decorating your dorm room, put some picture frames on your nightstand, desk, or dresser to give your room a personal touch – and remind you of your loved ones back home! Cute picture frames are easy to find at discount dollar stores

8. Try a Bulletin Board

A bulletin board is a handy item to include when decorating your dorm room. Not only can you tack up important notes and reminders, you also can use bulletin boards to put up more pictures, ticket stubs, and other mementos.

9. Grow Something Green

Decorating dorm rooms with low-maintenance plants that don’t require a lot of work is a fantastic way to add a sense of freshness to the place.

10. Make It Your Own!

The entire point of decorating your dorm room is to make it feel like your own space, so whatever you do, give it a personal touch! Whether that means plastering your walls with posters of your favorite actor or decorating everything in your favorite color is up to you.

It’s your room and you should feel comfortable in it, so put some effort into decorating your dorm room to make it feel like home.

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