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College student stress is an inevitable part of campus life. Between studying for final exams, writing papers and giving presentations (and sometimes working a job on the side), you’re bound to feel stressed out every once in a while.

But don’t panic. While having college student stress in your life is pretty much unavoidable, being stressed is something you can control.

Follow these tips when the pressure is on and you need to unwind:

1. Get Enough Sleep

When your body is deprived of sleep, it’s much more sensitive to the negative effects of college student stress. Though those early morning classes do not allow for an ideal sleep schedule, you have to make the effort to get in at least seven hours a night.

Getting more sleep helps both mind and body to refocus and recharge. This will equip you to be more productive in your waking hours, and to stay ahead of stress-causing deadlines.

2. Eat Well

Hectic college schedules make healthy eating difficult for many college students. Do you eat nothing but cheap, greasy foods at odd hours of the day and night?

Not only do spotty eating habits in your college meal plan contribute to college student stress levels, they also contribute to your waistline!

Reduce your stress levels by eating simple and healthy meals at appropriate intervals throughout the day.

3. Get Some Exercise

Physical exercise is important for your overall health. Any time is a good time to be physically active.

Take a 30-minute walk while listening to your iPod — it’s relaxing, and helps you stay healthy in college.

A bicycle is a time-honored way to get from one end of campus to another. And never turn down a chance to use the stairs over an elevator.

Your body needs some movement after a day’s worth of sitting in lecture halls or doing homework . It’ll help relieve college student stress and it will also help you sleep.

4. Take Some Quiet Time

In the midst of your daily schedule, you probably don’t have much time to yourself. Living with a college roommate, and spending most of your time on a bustling campus, can be mentally exhausting.

To relieve some college student stress, go out of your way to spend some time alone. Enjoying some peace and quiet — with no cell phone, roommates, or crowds — will allow you to reflect and recuperate.

5. Ask for Help

College student stress is common, and may occasionally need more attention than simply changing a few lifestyle habits. Sometimes you just need to vent!

Remember that you’re not the only one who’s stressing. If you’re having a particularly tough time managing school or dealing with homesickness, don’t be afraid to ask your friends, family or student health center for help.

Each of these healthy lifestyle choices will help you to manage your college student stress – and remember, you can always ask for help if you need it.

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