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College intramural sports are a fantastic way to stay fit and make friends while attending school in the United States.

But what exactly are college intramural sports and how are they different from other college sports teams?

Here’s what you need to know!

What are college intramural sports?

College intramural sports are clubs that allow students to participate in a sport with their friends and fellow students. Students form their own teams and compete against one another within the school’s “intramural league.”

For example, a school may have an intramural softball league, an intramural soccer league, or even an intramural Quidditch league.

With college intramural sports, you’ll always be competing against your fellow students, not students from other schools. This makes intramural sports a great way to meet people and get involved in student life on campus.

How are intramural sports different from other college sports?

In competitive intercollegiate sports, usually called “varsity sports,” college teams compete against teams from other colleges. Varsity sports are focused on winning titles and championships, bringing recognition to the school. Unlike varsity sports, the focus in college intramural sports is not on winning games, but having a good time.

Another key difference between varsity and intramural sports is the level of skill required.

For varsity sports, students must try out to be permitted to play on the varsity team. The great thing about college intramural sports is that anyone can join, regardless of skill level. Many intramural leagues will include levels within the league, from beginner to advanced, so players are equally matched.

Varsity athletes must attend mandatory practices, play in games whenever a coach asks them to, and in general dedicate a lot of time and effort to the team. The level of commitment is significantly less in college intramural sports and it’s not a huge deal if you can’t make a game or practice session.

What types of college intramural sports are available?

Most US schools offer tons of college intramural sports.

Available sports may include soccer, basketball, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, flag football, bocce ball, lacrosse, badminton, Frisbee golf, weight lifting, wrestling, darts, swimming and many, many more.

Every school’s offering of college intramural sports is different, so it’s best to check with the specific colleges and universities you’re interested in to find out what options they offer for intramural college sports.

What if my friends don’t want to play intramural sports with me?

Many students like to gather a group of friends and join an intramural league as a team. But if you don’t have any friends interested in starting a sports team with you, don’t worry – intramural sports are an easy way to meet new people.

At the beginning of each intramural season when teams are formed, individual students can join other teams as “free agents.” Most intramural leagues hold a free agents meeting, when all the individuals who want to join a team show up, meet the teams that have already formed, and join a team.

Making Friends, Staying Fit and Having Fun!

College intramural sports in the US are fantastic because anyone can join and there is no pressure to be a sports superstar. The focus is on making friends, staying fit and having fun – not on winning sports titles.

If you want a way to stay healthy, increase your social circle or simply have a good time, college intramural sports are a fun activity to try.

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