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Living with a roommate can be a fantastic experience. Whether you’re living in a US college dorm or sharing an off-campus apartment, living with a roommate can teach you to have respect for people’s personal space, to do your own laundry and house cleaning, and to be financially responsible.

There are, however, exceptions.

Every once in a while, you’ll get stuck with a roommate who makes your life absolutely miserable. Although living with the roommate from hell is terrible, it sure makes for a good story in retrospect!

Here are a few horror stories about living with a roommate that we collected from our readers.

The Control Freak

“I lived in an apartment close to campus with three other girls. One was a complete control freak. On top of that, she was rude to me, my boyfriend and my other friends. When we decided to confront her, she told us she couldn’t change her ways because she had an eating disorder (?!) and proceeded to yell at me for hanging up a picture in my bedroom.”

— Katherine

The Shirtless RA

“It’s not a horror story, but it is a funny story. I had a RA one year who, the first five or so times that I met him, was not wearing a shirt. He’d either just gotten out of the shower, or was going for a run, or was just hanging out around his room in his jeans. I started to wonder if he even OWNED any shirts. It was pretty hilarious.”

— Jessica

The Bed-Wetter

“One of my roommates was a total nightmare. In addition to being a compulsive liar, he was known to hide booze in our (alcohol- and tobacco-free) dorm, and he wet the bed. Not once, but habitually. AND he had the top bunk. Thankfully, I slept in the other set of bunk-beds.”

— Dan

The Pooping Kitty

“One time my roommate’s cat pooped right in the middle of my bed when I was gone for the weekend. That was NOT fun to clean late on a Sunday night.”

— Diane

The Exercise Junkie

“One of my roommates on campus loved exercising at odd times. I only found this out when I woke up at 3 a.m. in the morning and she would be doing crunches/pushups next to my bed. Freaked me out the first time I woke up to grunting noises. She apologized and promised to keep the noise level down, but kept waking up at odd times in the morning and exercising. And apparently it’s hard to exercise without making noises. Lots of sleepless nights!”

— Melisa

Have your own horror stories about living with a roommate? Please share!

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9 years ago

I know someone who came home from the library one night to find her roommate rolling a head of lettuce around on the floor.
Hope she didn’t eat it later!

9 years ago

Ha!! Amazing… The picture in the corner is a scan from my notebook! The polaroid was taken by my friend who is on the picture with me.
(im not complaining, it’s just surprising to see it next to an article.) LOL!!

Diane at University Language

Dee, we love the photo — it was submitted to one of our recent scholarship contests!

9 years ago

OMG, I remember!!! That is so awesome!!! I’m really happy you liked it that much! (Thanks!) ^O^ ~♥♥♥~

8 years ago

My second semester of my freshman year, my roomate and I didn’t get along very well. It kept getting worse over petty things until a week before we were set to go home, she slapped my in the face because I turned off the light over our door (she wanted it on only because she knew I wanted to go to bed). I was ok though. The RA and University Police got involved and let her move in with her friend for that last week and I never saw her again.

7 years ago

My roommate is a hot shot frat boy who thinks he is better than everyone else. Funny thing is, he wets the bed all the time. Especially after drinking on the weekends. I took a pic of him when he peed himself on the couch but haven’t disbursed it. One time he had a girl sleeping in his bed and he wet himself..too funny. Glad I’m not living with him next year.