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In just a few short weeks, US college students will be returning to campus. If you’re a soon-to-be freshman, this means that your very first week of college is right around the corner.

And between getting acquainted with your surroundings, memorizing your class schedule, and making a lot of first impressions, it’s a pretty busy week.

That first week of college in the US can be quite a shock to your system — you will finally come head to head with all your expectations and trepidations!

Here’s a list of 8 things to do during the first week of college that will help keep you afloat and make the transition a little smoother:

1. Get to Know Your Neighbors

The first week of college is when you’re likely to make a lot of new friends, some of whom will stick around for your entire college career (and perhaps even long after that!).

Take advantage of this opportunity to get friendly with your college roommate, as well as your neighbors. Keep your dorm room door open so that anyone can pop in and say hello, and do some meet and greets yourself!

2. Choose a Study Spot

As you’ll realize even more in college, being comfortable is an important study tip. College campuses have countless places that you can escape to for some uninterrupted study time.

Whether that’s a nook in the stacks, a shady patch on the quad, or somewhere else entirely, it’s up to you to find it.

3. Go to Class!

Though this may seem like an obvious one, you’d be surprised how many students choose to skip the first few classes of college, thinking that the real lessons won’t begin until later. They’re wrong!

College professors won’t wait for the full class to show up to begin teaching, and if you miss the introductory lessons (as well as all the important notes you should have been taking!), you’ll likely have a hard time keeping up.

4. Pick Up a Syllabus

It’s absolutely crucial to get your hands on your class syllabus during the first week of college — something that you obviously won’t be able to do if you skip tip #3!  The syllabus will have a list of the necessary texts for that class, the schedule of assignments and class requirements.

If any component of the class is a deal breaker for you, it’s important to know it as early as possible so you can find something to replace it with.

5. Buy Your Books

As soon as you know what textbooks you need, go out and buy them during your first week of college. Not only is it a good idea because they sell out fast, but you’ll also be able to begin your reading assignments.

Falling behind and not knowing what’s going on in class is not a great way to begin college!

6. Locate the Nearest (& Cheapest!) Grocery Store

Now that you’re living on your own (and don’t have a fridge that magically restocks itself every week), you’re going to have to learn some cheap and easy meals to make!

In your first week of college, go out and find the nearest grocery store where you can shop inexpensively. Make sure you go on a regular basis — eating out can really rack up your debt!

7. Fill Out Your Calendar

Once you’ve gone to all your classes and learned about the requirements of each, put all the major deadlines on a calendar.

Presentations? Term papers? Exams? It’s important to know when all of them are (particularly in relation to each other) so that you can organize your time to complete each of them.

8. Get Lost On Campus

Unless you paid incredibly close attention on your campus tour, chances are you’re still a little unsure where everything is on campus. In your first week of college, spend some time walking around and finding your way back to your dorm room, the buildings your classes are held in, and the library.

The first week of college in the US may seem like it’s in the distant future, but it’s not! The last of the warm summer days will pass by in a flash. Get excited! You’re about to make new friends, learn new things, and explore new terrain.

Follow these tips, and the first week of college will be the beginning of a great year!

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