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Starting a summer job search before summer gets here is a wise move. Spring is an ideal time to look for summer jobs. It’s not too early, since many companies have already posted positions.

Prepare your resume and cover letter now, and get a head start on your summer job search with these tips on how — and where — to land a great summer job.

1. Ask friends and family.

From professors to friends of friends, you never know who might have the right connection to help you in your summer job search.  Networking is an essential professional skill that will serve you well throughout your career. Start developing this skill now.

Let people know that you’re looking and what your interests are. You’ll increase the odds that someone looking to fill a summer internship or job will think of you.

Don’t be shy about sending your resume out to your network. Some of your acquaintances may not be familiar with all your skills and accomplishments, so this gives them a better idea of what sort of jobs might be right for you. It also allows them to easily pass your resume on to others.

Don’t underestimate the power of your personal and professional network.

2. Take your search online.

Conduct your job search online to maximize your chances of finding your ideal position.

Many job search sites allow you to narrow down your summer job search by offering specifications like “part-time” or “summer only.” This lets you pinpoint positions that fit your availability.

Many sites will also allow you to further narrow your search with job locations and descriptions, so you aren’t scrolling through pages of finance internships when you would rather do something in the art field.

If you’ve narrowed down where you’d like to work, research your desired employers’ websites to find out more about their organizational structure, corporate culture and relevant contact people.

Remember how important networking is? Social media sites can be a great way to develop relationships that might help you professionally.

3. Check campus resources.

Your campus career office is one of many great college resources and can also help you with your summer job search.

Many organizations offering summer jobs will target college job boards because they know that students will be perfect to fill such temporary positions.

In some cases, a company may even limit their job posting strictly to college or university job boards – especially local institutions – which means that the field of competition is significantly reduced. This means better odds for you!

4. Target specific organizations.

Sometimes you may have to go off the beaten path of job boards and personal connections, and really think creatively to secure your perfect summer job. I got my first journalism internship by emailing a local magazine and asking about summer internship opportunities, even though they hadn’t been advertising positions.

If there is a specific company that you would love to work or intern for, but they don’t have any positions posted, don’t let that stop you from sending an inquiry.

5. Consider the bigger picture.

A summer job in college provides valuable experience and skills you can list on your resume in the future.

Consider how a summer position fits in with your goals for the future: It may provide the first step that inspires you to work hard towards your ideal career; of course, a challenging experience may also dissuade you from a potential career path (this is a valuable insight too).

Start preparing now to secure a summer job.

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